Triumph GT6

Triumph launched the GT6 in 1966, a two seater fastback powered by a six cylinder engine. Unfairly nicknamed the ‘poor man’s E-type’, the Mark I remained in production until the Mark 2 was introduced in 1969, closely followed by the Mark 3 in 1970. Production of the GT6 ceased in 1973. A magnificent looking sports car that suffered criticism about its handling but was always lauded about the soundtrack of the exhaust.

There were over 14,000 made (the majority of which were left hand drive for the US market) and it is believed that there are considerably less than 75 right hand drive models still in existence, making it a very desirable and highly collectable classic car.

Our right hand drive model is a very low mileage car, 31,472 to be exact.

As you can see from the photographs, the car is currently in a poor condition but as it is in the hands of the renowned restorer, Chris Howard, we know that it will eventually look brand new but with a lot of the originality.

If you are anxious to get behind the wheel of this beauty unfortunately you have got an eighteen month wait as the rebuild is a full nut and bolt restoration.

It will be worth the wait…

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