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VW Campervan 1968

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VW Campervan 1950

The VW Camper has, without doubt, become one of the most desirable classics in modern times. Despite having multiple model variations through the years, they’ve still managed to stick to the same base style. Used by many families over the years for camping and adventure trips, they offer sleeping facilities of up to 3 / 4 people with an additional basic kitchenette. It’s hard to believe that something so compact can offer the complete camping package but this is what makes them so special.

Our wonderfully slick 1968 Bay Window model drives like a dream and offers sleeping of up to 4, storage facility, extra standing room with extendable roof, fridge, sink & dining area. With our self-drive hire, you have the ability to not only book this vehicle as your wedding car with a chauffeur but also to take on your honeymoon straight after the big day!

VW Campervan


Introduced in Germany in 1950, the VW Campervan is up there with the most iconic vehicles in the world. It was the second vehicle out of the Volkswagen factory following the early success of the Beetle. Synonymous with the ‘hippy’ movement in the 60’s, the Camper has become a symbol of that era.

VW Campervan 1950
VW Campervan 1950


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