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Triumph TR5 1968

Our wonderful Triumph TR5 is available for Film & TV hire. We may also be able to facilitate some bespoke requests so if you have any ideas and want to find out more, please do get in touch with as much information as possible. This rare little gem is versatile and would be perfect for so many different settings. For a little more information on the history of the TR5, have a read below.

Combining Italian body designer Michelotti’s glorious lines of the TR4 with a 2500cc six cylinder engine and fuel injection, the Triumph TR5 is arguably the pinnacle of the TR series. Strictly a one year wonder stop gap model before the redesigned TR6 took over for 1969, the first production UK car to feature fuel injection, the TR5 is a very rare motor car indeed and is a perfect fit for film and tv hire.

With a purchase price of around £1,200 the TR5 offered amazing value and performance with a claimed 150bph giving a top speed of 125mph and a 0-60mph time of around eight seconds.

On the road the TR5 is anything but subtle with its gutsy 2500cc six cylinder engine, twin exhaust and fuel injection. It holds the road and corners well with its independent rear suspension plus it stops well benefiting from disc brakes fitted at the front. The overdrive option fitted on this car is available on second, third and fourth gear!

In addition this particular model has the rare but very practical Surrey top option. This ingenious design was the worlds first targa top giving the option of open top motoring without the buffeting, a fabric cover for protection from the unpredictable British summer weather or a proper aluminium hardtop for winter use.

The TR5 has both great looks and drives impeccably. It truly deserves the title as one of the rarest and last proper hairy chested British sports cars of the 60s.

Our highly desirable TR5 is currently available for film and tv hire, our very rare TR5 would look incredible on any film set.

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