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Ford Mustang Fastback 1965

Our immaculate Mustang Fastback is available for wedding car hire, self-drive hire along with TV and Film. Select the relevant hire type on the box to your right hand side and fill in all the details. If you have any bespoke requests, please fill out as much information as possible. For a little more information on the history of the Mustang, have a read below.

During Mustangs inception, Ford banked on the fact that the World War 2 baby boomers were getting their first driver’s licences. They needed to create a youth-orientated, inexpensive model that would build a buzz in amongst this generation. With no cable television or internet, Ford paid for advertising space on the three television networks and showcased their incredible new car collection to nearly 30 million viewers.

Moving into year two of the production of these exceptional cars, it was fairly visible that the Mustang was here to stay. Ever since, it has been omnipresent in the American automotive scene and recognised globally. If you didn’t own a Mustang, the chances were that you knew somebody who did.

Mustang was only in its second year of production and was already gaining a healthy following, globally. Around half a million Mustangs were produced in 1965 with only 70,000 of those being the Fastback model.

This 4.7 litre V8 will wake anybody up in the local vicinity. The roar of the engine as it fires up is unmistakable and the rumble as the car cruises along will certainly make people take notice.

Engine: 4700cc
Year: 1965
Colour: Caspian Blue
Fuel: Petrol
Gearbox: Automatic
Seats: 4
Driverside: Left-hand drive

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