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Unveiled in 1957, the Fiat Cinquecento (500) was marketed as Italy’s alternative to the Volkswagen Beetle. They were an instant hit and sold incredibly well with over 3.5 million models being made.

From a mechanical and performance standpoint, the 500 Lusso was identical to its predecessor, the 500 Berlina. The Fiat 500 L or ‘Lusso’ was introduced in 1968 and had a whole host of new body features. Most notable were the new tubular guards protecting the front bumper and corners of the rear bumper, brand new FIAT badge on the rear and a renewed dashboard.

This 600cc twin-engine Italian icon certainly packs heaps of character and, with the resurgence of the new Fiat 500 generation, will be sure to attract attention wherever it is seen.

Engine: 600cc
Year: 1969
Colour: Orange
Fuel: Petrol
Gearbox: Manual
Seats: 4
Driverside: Left-hand drive

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