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Parisian Taxi 1926

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Citroen B12 - Le Taxi

Used as a Taxi back when it was first produced, the detailing in the work of this car is truly remarkable. It comes complete with operations opera lights and its original taxi meter (of which we are working on restoring back to its working condition). The engineering behind this vehicle, remembering it is 93 years old, is nothing short of exceptional. Its 1432cc engine gives an output of 14BHP. Back in the day, you can picture this glorious car gliding around the French roads oozing class and demanding attention.

Citroen B12

Le Taxi

Made by Citroen, our incredibly rare and beautiful Parisian Taxi, dubbed ‘Le Taxi’, is the only one you’ll find on the road in the UK and one of only a few left in the world. It is in immaculate condition following a full restoration. Any bride wishing to arrive in Le Taxi will be arriving in such unique style as there won’t be many people who will have even seen a car like this, in this condition.

Citroen B12 - Le Taxi
Citroen B12 - Le Taxi


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