Daimler V32

We purchased our 1938 Daimler V32 Straight Eight 4.5 litre limousine at auction in 2018.

This will not be a full restore though as the originality of this magnificent car is more important.

We are, however, making sure that it is mechanically sound so the brakes, wiring, radiator, exhausts are all being repaired or replaced.

As you can see from the photographs, it has been extensively disassembled. It is a Hooper built limousine and we are in possession of various documents, including the original schematic drawing as well as the wiring diagram plus spares, books and the user manual. Hoopers were founded in 1805 and held a royal warrant from 1830 until their closure in 1959.

When we purchased the car, there was an indication that it was owned by King Edward VIII. We have subsequently disproved this as we had confirmation that the car was commissioned in 1937 and delivered in 1938. Historians will know that Edward abdicated in 1936. 

However – and this is the exciting bit – Queen Mary (the Queen Mum) commissioned a Daimler V32 Straight Eight 4.5 Litre in August 1937. Our Daimler was also commissioned in August 1937, as ratified by Daimler Heritage Trust and the Science Museum, who hold all of the existing Hooper documents. Now we are currently trying to join the dots but it is our firm conviction that the first owner of this luxurious motor car was a former Royal.

We have been in communication with Buckingham Palace but at the time of writing have not confirmed that this vehicle was purchased by or for the Queen Mum. So, for now, we will continue the rebuild and the romantics and royalists amongst you can dream about if this is a genuine royal car.

Either way, when the restoration is completed – expected to be mid 2019 – this will be our flagship wedding limousine that we hope every prospective bride and groom would love to hire.

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