When we first set out as a business all those years ago (by all those years ago I mean 4 years ago but it sounds so much better), quite a few people thought we were mad.

Why the hell would you buy a beautiful classic car and then hire it out to strangers?

Well, first and foremost, cash. We were adamant that there was a business opportunity in that we have an asset which, as the years go by, goes up in value. Whilst those years go by, it would go out and generate an income simply by being driven around. Essentially doing what it was built for. This is clearly the surface level and there is a lot more to it but at it’s core, it’s a pretty good business model.

Secondly, these beautiful cars need to be driven. I can’t bare the thought of a classic just being tucked away in a garage, never to be seen until Roger, aged 804, passes it down to little Jimmy who inevitably sells it to pay the insane inheritance tax bill that is coming his way because Roger, aged 804, was loaded but poor old Jimmy isn’t loaded and can’t afford the inheritance tax bill. Sorry, I’ve gone off on a tangent but you get the point. Roger should have taken his car out to enjoy it when he was in his 200’s and not just left it until he was old and decrepit. These cars are there to be driven and, most importantly, enjoyed by the people driving and travelling in them.

I cannot tell you how much joy we get out of seeing the smiles on our customers faces as they turn up to take their classic out for a day or weekend. As I type this now, Dale is off delivering a Mustang to a customer in London who has no idea he’s coming. The customers’ daughter booked her father a Mustang for a weekend as a birthday surprise. The pure joy that he is going to feel when Dale pulls onto his driveway (at the Mustang, not at Dale) is such a nice thing to watch.

We also have the wedding car side of the business too. Our brilliant team of chauffeurs get to see people on the happiest day of their lives. Our couples, their families and friends are always chatting to the drivers about a story they have linked to either a classic car of their own or maybe even that specific one from our fleet.

Essentially, when we’re not driving them ourselves, we still get to watch other people enjoy driving them. What also helps slightly is the fact that we’ve been given a load of cash from them to do so.

Are we nuts for letting people drive our cars? At first, I thought so. Now, four years down the line, not so much. Almost all of the customers that hire them from us treat them with the same love and care that we do and long may that continue.


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