The huge news that we’ve been really buzzing about here for ages is that my brother-in-law, Dale, is joining the team full time. Dale has a wealth of experience in operations & logistics and will bring some clarity and sense to the chaos that classic cars provide.

As we get busier and grow as a business, we want to be able to fulfil as many bookings as possible. Whether that’s wedding car hire, self drive car hire, photoshoots, film shoots, last minute bookings, tours, contracts, the list goes on and on and bringing Dale on board means that we can do all of these things and more (by more I mean play more golf). All of this whilst still being able to give the full five-star Oxted Classics treatment that we pride ourselves on.

Oh and plus, he’s an unbelievable chef so lunchtimes will be good.

I sent Dale a list of questions to answer so that people (if anyone actually reads these) could get to know him a little. I always describe Dale as somebody in my top 5 greatest people of all time. Funny, ridiculously intelligent, honest and an all round good human. He also studied Latin and absolutely hates Will Young’s cover of Light My Fire. Nobody is perfect, however, as I recently discovered the he eats a four finger Kit-Kat like an absolute animal.

Enjoy the read and welcome to the team, Dale!

Welcome to Oxted Classic's Dale

1 - What's your favourite classic car of all time and why?

Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato. To answer why is more difficult than picking one car from thousands above all others. I remember first seeing a photo of one and thinking how amazing it is to take an already pretty car and make it prettier, meaner and sleeker. Rare, less than 20 were made and they were used for racing. I find cars with a story more appealing and what better story then being raced at Goodwood by Stirling Moss? Maybe the story of Jim Clark crashing his into John Surtees Ferrari 250 gto? And it’s British. And it’s expensive. Did I mention how pretty it is?

2 - What's been your favourite job up until now?

Head Chef. Met great people, sometimes managed to make great food and had an amazing time. Not to mention living above a pub for 2 years. It’s a wonder anyone got out alive.

3 - Who is your favourite band / music artist?

This changes a lot but there are 3 I’m prepared to shortlist. The Doors, Led Zeppelin and Public Enemy.

4 - List your curry order in its entirety.

This changes as frequently as my favourite band. But the standard will be 18 popadoms no chutney or dip just dry, paratha and onion bhajis. The main course is impossible to say as it will change if the restaurant has a regional dish that I haven’t had before. For example at the Gurkha Kitchen in Oxted the order will be curried lamb knuckle. Best way to eat a lamb shank. Done. No argument. A standard restaurant or take away will usually be a jalfrezi or balti. A Creative Curry Girl order will be whatever she has left and I’ll be grateful for anything as she makes the best Indian food I’ve ever put in my mouth.

5 - If budget wasn't an option, which classic car would you add to our fleet?

Jaguar Mk X. I’ve already gone over this on several occasions and will continue to do so. To be honest I’m insulted that you’ve forgotten.

6 - What's your favourite country you've been to?

Italy. It’s incredible to see so much ancient history on show. Turn a corner into a piazza and there’s a Roman building. Nuts. Landscape is amazing. Food isn’t bad. Wines unbelievable. The roads and drivers are bonkers.

7 - What car do you think will be a future classic?

Cars from the 90’s are really the most modern cars that get me excited as that’s when I really started to take an interest, and I hate to admit it but these are already classics! A safe bet would be the current Fiat 595 Abarth.

8 - What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Usually an alarm. If not that it will be a child turning on the bedroom light looking for a laptop or coming to tell me about a YouTuber that he likes that I’ve never heard of.

Jack & Dale

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