The oldest of the fleet. Or eldest. Not sure which it is but English baffles me so I’ll just put both down and hope for the best. We have two Triumph Renowns and they are both incredibly special cars. The look, the style, the interior, the history, all of it. Every time we take one of them out on the road, they attract a lot of attention.

Our 1951 and 1952 Triumph Renowns available for classic wedding car hire

First up we have our 1951 Renown. Slightly smaller wheel base with a burgundy interior but matches the 2000cc engine of the ’52. Exteriorly, you just cannot tell the difference between the two. Unless one of you reading this worked for Triumph in the 50’s. If so, can you get in touch please, I have a few questions to ask.

Second up, our 1952 Renown. 6 inches longer in the wheel base (insert joke here about how size matters etc etc), a brown interior and, whilst it also possesses the 2000cc engine, our ’52 model dons an overdrive. This makes a huge difference to the driving experience and, our drivers will usually make a groaning noise if they’re in the ’51 Renown without the overdrive.

The amount of work that went into getting both of these cars to pass the ‘Oxted Classics Standard Check’ (clearly not done by me but done by our restorers) was extensive. Would we have bought them if we knew the exact state they were in? Probably not. Are we glad that we bought them and that we get to see them out on the road making peoples’ weddings even more special? Absolutely. I could write an entire blog just about how much work when into them both so, to give me some more content, I will do just that.

A beautiful bride in her wonderful dress, wedding venue in the background, white ribbon attached to the front of the car

They have both made for some unbelievable photos. Picture this - a beautiful bride in her wonderful dress being helped out of a 1950’s classic car by a loved one, wedding venue in the background, white ribbon attached to the front of the car with blue skies (honestly feel like J.K Rowling right now). They really do make for some of the best wedding cars around. Of course, we would say that as they’re our cars and we want you to book them.

Whilst Rolls Royce & Bentley’s make for beautiful wedding cars too (obviously), we made the decision not to add them to our fleet for a number of reasons. Whenever we get an enquiry for a Rolls or Bentley, I always point potential couples towards our Renowns in the hope that they see them for the beautiful cars they are, regardless of the badge on the front. Luckily, the cars really do speak for themselves and couples always fall in love with them when they come to view them.

So, if I’ve still got your attention and you know of somebody getting married and looking for a classic wedding car then why the hell haven’t you already stopped reading and called them to tell them about Oxted Classics’ Triumph Renowns that are available to hire for your wedding car, today. Our 2022 calendar is filling up so get in touch ASAP!

Oh and, for those that care, I’ve now learnt Tracy Chapman - Fast Car on the guitar. Hendrix who?


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