How good are picnics. Particularly the picnics that we offer in our Classic Car & Picnic Hamper package (#ad #spon #gifted) but also just picnics in general. They’re unreal. Personally, a picnic isn’t a picnic unless you have scotch eggs. Actually, as I write this I now realise that our picnic hampers don’t have scotch eggs. I’m livid.

We came up with the idea of launching a picnic hamper with one of our classic cars almost at the beginning of our life as Oxted Classics. My sister, Natalie, is a chef and all round foodie and we thought she could put together some hampers that we could sell as a package. We then parked (HA, CAR PUN!) that idea due to quickly realising that there are a lot of moving parts to running a classic car hire business. Essentially, we forgot.

The Dinner Table Brownies

Wind the clock forward to a global pandemic and, after a successful charity brownie sale for the Black Lives Matter movement, Nat decided to set up her own company called The Dinner Table. They run their own supper club events and provide a brownie delivery service. With Nat going full time into this, we decided it was time to revisit the picnic hamper idea and what an idea it turned out to be. We launched the package in April 2021 and during the course of the summer, a huge number of customers decided to try it!

It’s really simple too. You select one of our classics that are available for self-drive (it’s yours for 5 hours), select a meat or veggie picnic, select some additional extras if you want them (picnic blanket, vintage radio or a bunch of flowers) and then tell us the date. It really is nice and straight forward. The only additional costs you’ll incur are if you’re looking to hire the car for longer than 5 hours or if you select one of our Mustangs. When I said nice and straight forward, I obviously mean the process of booking. As ever with classic cars, they throw up some curveballs. One of which is that our wicker hamper doesn’t like to fit in the boot of a Triumph Spitfire. Or a Mustang. Or a Fiat 500 for that matter. I guess it’s all part of the classic car experience isn’t it?

Picnics collage

We often get asked for good routes to drive and a couple of our favourites are over to Ashdown Forest or to Seven Sisters National Park down in Eastbourne. Both make for a great drive from our HQ through some country lanes which aren’t too narrow, some nice scenery and ultimately, a great end point to sit and eat. We do have a list of recommended spots on our website if you get stuck on a spot to find.

The Dinner Table Picnic Hamper

These hampers took hours of sourcing product, taste testing, marketing, design work and curating to get to a point where we were all happy with it as a product. A lot of work has gone into them and continues to as well. As such I thought Nat should probably feature in this blog so I decided to text her to ask her for three words to describe the hampers she so beautifully creates.

‘I like them’ was the response.

This blogs irrelevant shoutout goes to one of my closest mates, Adrian. A few years ago he handed me a G&T. I said:
‘I don’t like gin mate, sorry’ and he said ‘just try that, you’ll like it’.
He was right, I was wrong and I haven’t stopped drinking gin ever since. Thanks Adrian, love ya x


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