It’s time to talk about our Corvette. Our logo. Where it all began. The catalyst that is Oxted Classics.

Our 1961 Corvette C1

First, the details.

A 1961 C1 convertible with a 4.7lt V8 engine.
3 speed automatic.
Power Steering.
Power Brakes.

Right, enough of the techy stuff.

This is a car that was hand drawn by four men, two of whom are still alive and who met our restorer, Chris Howard, in Detroit in 2019.

This is a car that has fuelled fantasies for petrol heads for more than sixty years.

Our 1961 Corvette C1

It makes a noise.

It smells of petrol.

It can seat only one passenger.

It is also a work of art.

I mean, just look at it. I stare at it every time I walk into our garage.

Enzo Ferrari called the Jaguar E Type, “the most beautiful car ever made”.

Now I accept that Enzo carries a lot more weight than me but that’s how I feel about our Corvette.

“The greatest car that no one else ever made”.

And you can hire it from Oxted Classics.

You lucky bastards.


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