When selecting your wedding car, it’s important to choose a car that suits your style, is comfortable to ride in or drive and, most importantly, gets you there on time. It’s also imperative that you select a car that has an incredibly loud 4.7 litre V8 engine. We have three Mustangs in our fleet of classics and, luckily, each of them has said engine type.

We have our 1966 Red Mustang Convertible, 1966 Blue Mustang Convertible and 1965 Mustang Fastback and each one has their own unique style. The good thing with each of our Mustangs is that you feel like an absolute top dog when you’re cruising around the roads. Whether you’re being chauffeur driven or you’ve selected our self-drive option, you will undoubtedly feel like you own the road and everyone must bow down to your superiority.

Mustang Weddings

Our team of drivers absolutely love it when we send them a ‘job’ and it’s in one of these beauties. Mainly because they know that everyone they encounter will smile, wave and flash them (headlight flash, not lift their top up). We also absolutely love it when customers come to collect one of them to drive away in themselves as we know how much fun they’re about to have.

The two convertibles are power steered, have power brakes and the hoods are both powered too. The Americans will do anything for an easy life. Although the Fastback doesn’t have power steering, it pretty much feels like it has and, at the time of writing, we have just received the last part from the States to do a brake conversion so that the Fastback will also don a lovely power braking system. All three are automatics which means you can put it in go and, well, go.

Mustang Weddings

Because the hoods on the convertibles are both powered, it makes it a nice and easy job to drop or put them up. This is particularly ideal when you live in a country whereby one minute the skies are blue and the next it’s absolutely tipping it down. It means that, unless you’ve caught a particularly bad day weather wise, you should be able to get the money shots for your wedding photos with the roofs down.

We’ve been really fortunate enough to see each of them at various weddings and some of the photography has been unbelievable. There are so many different weddings I could shout out but the real stand-out for me is the wedding of Sharad & Nimisha with our Red Convertible. Their Hindu wedding celebration made for some of the best photographs we’ve seen with our cars. The Mustang sits in amongst so many vibrant colours, smiling faces and even smoke bombs and it still commands attention *cue website Pete to add some of the photos here - cheers Pete, top job*

Mustang Weddings Collage

We’re really looking forward to seeing what situations they’ll be in over the next few years as I’m sure they will continue to be a popular wedding car choice for so many different people.

I quite like the idea of adding irrelevant points to the end of our blogs so I’ll continue to do that until I have no more irrelevant points to add. This one is that Denzel Washington is the king. End of.


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