As part of our blog posting that nobody reads (kidding, obviously they’re read by thousands across the country), we thought we’d do a Q&A for people that don’t know who were are to get to know us.

Dad & Dale have already been and now it’s my go. The same 8 questions but with better answers (because I’m a better human).


Meet Jack

What’s your favourite classic car of all time and why?

Is this what it feels like when a child asks a parent ‘who’s your favourite?’. I feel like I can’t cheat on any of the Oxted Classics fleet but here we go. I love a Ferrari. I’m such a basic bitch as an individual and I’m sure this will show over the rest of this blog post. A good friend of mine showed me a picture of a Ferrari 250 GT Tour de France years ago and it’s the sexiest car I think I’ve ever seen in my life.

What’s been your favourite job up until now?

Toughie this. It’s a toss up between part time in Morrisons whilst I was at sixth form or what I do now. I was 17 years old, stacking shelves, very hungover every single Sunday with my best mate for £10 an hour without a care in the world and it was glorious. But now I get to play around with classic cars all day, speak to people who are getting married and/or booking a bucket list experience for themselves or a loved one. Pretty tough choice as you can see but I think it’s got to be stacking shelves.

Who is your favourite band / music artist?

I cannot put just one down. It’s impossible. Sam Cooke, Stevie Wonder, Coldplay or The Wiggles. Any one of the four.

List your curry order in its entirety.

Very hungry as I type this. 2 popadoms with mint sauce, mango chutney, onion salad and even sometimes with the spicy pickle thing that nobody knows exactly what it is. Followed by a chicken chilli masala with a paratha. No rice. Rice is the devil. If we’re in a curry house, punkee to finish.

Meet Jack

If budget wasn’t an option, which classic car would you add to our fleet?

Before we even started as a business, we met a few people within the classic car world to pick their brains about a few things and we were told ‘buy an Alfa Giulietta Spider, they’re great, are going up in value and will be a classic car that will hire out’. We didn’t buy one and now they’ve gone up 3 fold in about 4/5 years. Would be one of those I think!

What’s your favourite country you’ve been to?

New Zealand or Italy. I can’t decide. Italy is food. Food is me. Therefore it must be Italy. But I also had the most ridiculous trip to New Zealand in 2017 and I refuse to rule that out.

What car do you think will be a future classic?

If Nissan Micras aren’t going for £50k a piece then I’ll be livid.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

I was thinking of writing something profound here. Really though, it’s the sneezing of Lou (my fiancé). She sneezes about 403 times every single morning. Why am I so passive aggressive?


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