When Dale joined our team we thought we'd do a Q&A blog with him so that people could get to know him a little better. Then I had another bright idea of doing that same Q&A with me and Dad too.

It's basically so that you can all decide who you like more and there is no doubt in my mind that it's me and you'll definitely hate both Dad & Dale and all want to go for beers with me. I truly believe that my modesty and humbleness are my greatest traits.

Anyway - here's Dad's Q&A. From The Beatles to bowel movements and everything in between - enjoy!

Meet Alec

What's your favourite classic car of all time and why?

Impossible to pick one.

It's like picking your favourite child - hi Oli - so I've picked five (which is ironically how many children I have).

  1. (my) 1961 C1 Corvette - prettiest car of all time
  2. 1957 Ford Thunderbird - 2nd prettiest car of all time
  3. 1961 Mercedes 300SL - the Gullwing
  4. 1963 Alfa 101 Giulia Spider - the ONLY car to tour around Tuscany in
  5. 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 - otherwise known as Eleanor from Gone In 60 Seconds. Bid unsuccessfully for a replica one at auction in 2016

What's been your favourite job up until now?

Co-founding HPS in 2001 was only bettered by selling HPS in 2016 - hence how we can afford to buy so many beautiful cars.

Who is your favourite band / music artist?

Too many to choose. Definitely The Beatles (plus their tribute bands ELO and Oasis) as well as The Who, The Stones, Dylan, Carole King, Hendrix, Van Morrison, Sinatra, Otis Redding and Elvis. Could probably add another 20. My obsession with music and classic cars are often intertwined.

List your curry order in its entirety.

Always 2 papadoms with mint sauce, sometimes a chicken chaat for starter, main meal is either chicken Jalfrezi or Ceylon, accompanied by onion Bhajis and either a chapati or peshwari naan. Particularly if purchased from:

Aniseed Takeaway,
31 High Street
01732 866611
(not a paid ad, just a recommendation).

If budget wasn't an option, which classic car would you add to our fleet?

Mercedes 190 SL. I've never owned a Mercedes - neither classic nor modern - and yet two of their models are in my top 10 of all cars ever made.

Meet Alec

What's your favourite country you've been to?

New Zealand, for the Lions rugby tour in 2017. You are aware of this as you and Mum were with me. The people were very friendly and the scenery was breathtaking. They've also got a proper Prime Minister.

What car do you think will be a future classic?

Morris Commercial JE.

Ironically for a petrol head I have picked an electric vehicle. It's based on a 1949 van but is 2021 retro-styled with all the modern comforts.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Bowel movements or the dogs.
Or the dogs' bowel movements.


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