In my opinion, it’s hard to find a car brand that epitomises true British style more so than Jaguar does. We’re incredibly fortunate enough to find ourselves with two Jaguar S-Types. Our 1965 model in white with a red interior and the latest addition to our fleet of classics, our 1968 model in midnight blue with cream interior.

Out of the 15 classic cars we have in our fleet I’m pretty sure that my favourite to drive is our white Jaguar S-Type (don’t tell the others, they have feelings). No but seriously, I once called the Spitfire a silly little machine and it decided it didn’t want to start for me the next morning. Anyway, as a touring car, the Jag is built for comfort. This is particularly ideal when you’re built like a fridge like I am. It’s a lot easier to get in and out of it than our Triumph Spitfire is (wow, why am I being so nasty to the Spitfire). It’s powerful when you need it to be but also unbelievably smooth to drive when you’re cruising along. Then to top it all off, pretty much every single person you drive past smiles. Our latest addition to the fleet, the 1968 S-Type, is still going through our full front to back check so I’m yet to properly road test it but we’re looking forward to seeing it out and about on the road.

Interior shot of our beautiful Jaguar S-Type 1968 classic car

This year, alongside our red Mustang Convertible, our white S-Type is the most popular car in our fleet. Its versatility is unrivalled as it makes the most perfect wedding car to suit so many different styles as well as being such a great car to drive for all of our self-drive hires. It also looks the part in front of the camera for film and TV work. We’re really looking forward to seeing how our ’68 S-Type goes down next year with all of our customers.

My fiancé’s Dad, Cain, has a real connection to Jaguars. So much so that I asked him if he would write a few words for this blog so please take a look below.

Exterior shot of our stunning Jaguar S-Type 1968 classic car

It feels like Jaguars have been a theme throughout my life. I think it all started in the mid-1960's when an E-Type overtook us as we travelled to the West Country for a holiday. I could not believe that a car could overtake and go out of sight so quickly.

And then in the late 1960's and early 1970's my Dad owned two Jags, both in dark blue. The second one was a 420G, a huge car at the time, with its twin fuel tanks and fold-out wooden tray tables in the back. I can remember Dad taking my brother and I to football training one time and a lad in the team looked at the car and asked if my Dad was a millionaire. He wasn't but it did feel in those days like Jaguars were just one step down from Bentleys and Rolls Royces.

Exterior shot of our beautiful Jaguar S-Type 1965 classic car

Later on as I built a career and grew a family, I owned a Jag of my own - a light blue, 3 litre, 4 wheel drive X-Type. Maybe not the best Jag ever but it was quick and comfortable and with the 6 CD autochanger I could sing along to Queen, Rainbow and Sammy Hagar all the way to Leeds or Doncaster and back without touching a button.

And more recently I was treated to a chauffeured drive in a white 1960's S-Type, heading to Hever Castle for a picnic lunch to celebrate my sixtieth birthday. As I got into the car, everything seemed so familiar - the wooden dashboard, the leather seats and the black switches. On a forty minute journey, it was fascinating to see how people smiled as the Jag went past and how other drivers always gave way as we approached narrow stretches of road. And as we came to a halt in the car park and walked away for our lunch, I looked across and the white S-Type stood head and shoulders above a car park full of grey and black 4x4's. It must be something to do with those wire wheels and all the chrome and the dip in the front bumper to fit below the radiator grill.

Interior shot of our beautiful Jaguar S-Type 1965 classic car

There is one more minor thing to mention too. As Cain references above, he had a chauffeured drive in our white S-Type to Hever Castle for his 60th birthday lunch. It turns out that I was the chauffeur that day and we had a pretty special conversation in the car whereby I asked for his blessing to marry his daughter, Lou. He loved the idea, so did Lou and now we’re getting married next September. Pretty good all round I’d say. I feel like it’s worth mentioning that Lou and I have been together for a number of years and I didn’t just randomly ask somebody I was chauffeuring if I could marry their daughter.

Irrelevant point - stop ordering rice and naan bread with your curry. Order a paratha. It will change your life and you can thank me later.

Jack & Cain

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