We wanted to start writing monthly blogs to update everyone on what we’re doing, how the industry looks, what cars are going out the most and, essentially, anything that people may enjoy reading. We thought what better way to start than to tell people exactly how we came about to be a classic car hire business.

We are a family run business made up of:
Jack - son & writer of blog posts
Alec - father / head of procurement
Chris - our restorer and all round legend
Sandra - a close family friend who keeps the accounts in check and shouts at head of procurement when he spends too much money
Pete - our web developer who makes us look better than we really are
Alan / Paul / Ed / Ian + Co - our brilliant team of drivers

and ... actually, I can’t say the last one. The news doesn’t officially land until February 2022 but trust me, it’s exciting!

The idea of Oxted Classics came about over a bottle of red wine. Dad has a passion for classic cars and always wanted to own a Mustang & I love dealing with people, have a sales background and was looking for a new venture. Dad’s previous business life led him to a point whereby he could afford to buy a few classic cars and we were weighing up the options as to whether we could make it a viable business to hire them out. We had a few questions right at the start and I guess the main one was ...

Who in their right mind would buy a 60’s Mustang and then let a stranger drive it?

Once we got over that slight hurdle and did some market research, we decided to go for it. We started to look for classics that we love but also thought would be great hire cars and quickly acquired a few. Our first purchases being our Corvette C1, Mustang Convertible (Red), Triumph Renowns, Fiat 500 (Orange) & our Chrysler Windsor. We then went on to purchase our 1926 Parisian Taxi from the London Classic Car Show but unfortunately have recently sold it.

Oxted Classics officially launched in March 2019 at a wedding fair at Mercedes Benz World. Dad & I went along with our 1961 Corvette C1 & 1926 Parisian Taxi and didn’t really know what to expect. It’s fair to say we left Mercedes Benz World with a smile and a lot of confidence that we could definitely make this work as a business.

Wind the clock forward to now and we’ve been through a lot. Facilitated around 400 hires, car breakdowns, insurers not talking to us because we’re ‘too new’, bought cars that haven’t worked for the business, 84,000 website changes and the small matter of a global pandemic ...

BUT, we’re here, we’re thriving, we’re adding cars to the collection, we’re building a network of great people around us and we’re bloody excited for what’s to come over the next few years.

Looking forward to updating you all each month with anything and everything going on in our world!

Oh and also, one last irrelevant point, make sure you watch Ted Lasso on AppleTV. It’s amazing.


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