So when I started writing these blog posts, I did it because everything online and everyone ‘in the know’ told me how important blogs are for our SEO.

Ford Mustang Classic Cars available for Self-Drive Hire

Now, at the risk of being told I’m mansplaining (a - how is this even a thing and b - no idea if that’s how you spell it), SEO stands for search engine optimisation which essentially means - do a load of good stuff on your website and we’ll throw you up the Google rankings.

I didn’t actually think anyone would read these things but, as it turns out, quite a few of you do. With that in mind, I wanted to put something together explaining how a self-drive hire works from start to finish to give people an idea of what to expect, should you wish to hire a classic car from us. Which by the way you definitely should, it’s an unreal experience.

For the purpose of this blog, we’re going to assume that we’ve already been through pricing and you’re happy with that. Our payment terms are 50% upfront to secure your date with a 50% balance due 30 days prior to the hire. If you’re opting for a gift voucher, we’d take the payment in full.

Next up, we have our insurance requirements. We will need each of the below items:

  • Driving licence (one that hasn’t expired and is still in date on the day of your hire)
  • Utility bill or bank statement with a matching address to your licence
  • DVLA check code (lets us check to ensure you don’t have 6+ points on your licence)

If you can provide us with these 3 bits of info and you’re between the ages of 25 - 79, welcome to the club!

Classic VW Campervans available for Self-Drive Hire

The day before your hire date, you’ll get a call from one of us to take your £500 security deposit payment. It’s taken as a pre-authorisation and, hopefully, we won’t have to use it. It’s taken in case the car is returned to us without fuel, is completely trashed etc.

On the day of collection, you’ll be greeted by my smiling face (I’m Jack) or the face of Dale. Dales face is still nice to look at, not as smiley but it does ooze class. I think it’s the hair / beard combo he has. We’ll walk you through a tutorial of the car to ensure you’re entirely comfortable driving it and take you for a test drive, should you want one. We’ll have some boring bits to complete by way of a rental agreement & a vehicle damage check but as soon as that’s done, you can be on your way! All in all from arrival to departure we say it’ll take something like 30-45 minutes but it just depends on when you feel comfortable enough with the car to drive off. The car will be provided with a full tank of fuel and we ask that it’s returned with one.

Fiat 500 Classic Car available for Self-Drive Hire

You’ll then head out in the car of your dreams for however long you’ve hired it for and it’s at this point you’ll probably be working out which of your vital organs you’ll have to sell to buy the car off of us. We can always give you some routes to drive that are local to us, too!

On return of the car you’ll be greeted by one of us. Once we’ve heard about where you’ve been, how you found the drive and how many people you told that the car was yours, we’ll do a quick vehicle damage check to make sure there are no new battle scars, check the fuel level and you can be on your way. Just before you get back into your car to drive off, we’ll probably shout at you about leaving us a Google review. They’re incredibly helpful for us as a small business!

That’s that then. Enquire - pay - tutorial - drive - return - bosh, smashed it. By smashed it I mean metaphorically, not physically. It’s a nice, smooth process and one that we’ve really got down to a tee now. So whether we’re walking you through one of our Mustangs or a VW Campervan, the process will still be the same.

As always - if you have any questions at all then please do get in touch.


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