2021 for us was filled with a ton of things both good and bad. From a record year on so many fronts, to a Jaguar breaking down at the entrance to the Blackwall Tunnel and everything in between. It really was nuts but we loved most of it. After a torrid 2020 due to the pandemic, we really didn’t know what to expect once the lockdown ended in March 2021. It’s safe to say it was crazy!

We’ve had a record year for turnover, a record number of hires facilitated, a record amount of coffee has been consumed and, most importantly of all, a record number of cars have been added to the fleet. At the time of writing, our fleet currently sits at 16 classic cars. It’s bonkers. If left to Head Of Procurement, we would have a fleet of 304 cars so it’s a good job on my part (and my Mums) on keeping him in check.

Because of this incredibly busy year, others benefit too. We are still very proud to support local charity, Stripey Stork, with a portion of the profits from every single booking that we take. That’s every single time one of our classic cars goes out, Stripey Stork are able to provide for a less fortunate family and that’s because of you booking with us. We’re also incredibly proud to continue offering a 10% discount to all emergency service workers and military personnel.

Like I alluded to at the start, we’ve also had some hairy moments too. We had one of our Mustangs involved in a crash whilst out on a self-drive hire, a few breakdowns and even one of our drivers breakdown en route to our HQ in their own car. That threw up a last minute panic of me throwing on a suit and being a chauffeur for the day. All of the above does slap us with a bit of perspective that no matter how well it’s going, these classic cars need a lot of love and attention. On the few occasions that things have gone wrong, we’re always unbelievably grateful that;

  1. Our customers are very understanding that these classics are 50+ years old.
  2. We always have a contingency plan. Always. Usually in the form of a Mustang.
  3. Gin exists

We have a huge number of people to thank for their support this year and I won’t start to name them otherwise I’ll end up leaving somebody out but to those that know, THANK YOU. You have helped create this business and your continued support and help means that this business will grow to the dizzy heights that we hope for.

For 2022, we have major plans. We’re adding a full time staff member, more cars, partnering with some like minded businesses, we’ll have another 481649 website changes and, fingers crossed, Oxted Classics Tours will launch. All of this whilst hopefully continuing to provide so many of our wonderful classic cars for hire. Whether it’s as a wedding car or for a self drive hire to take the car away for the day or weekend, we absolutely love giving every single one of our customers the five star Oxted Classics treatment and we don’t plan for that to change any time soon (ever).

On a personal note, I’m getting married next year so I guess that’s a pretty major plan. Obviously I’m the one that is planning everything (I’m not) and stressing over everything (I’m not) and paying for everything (I’m definitely not). I’ve toyed with the idea of hiring a wedding car from a competitor just to wind my Dad up but I also need the bar bill paid at the end of the night so I’ll swerve that.

In summary, thank you for all of your support this year. In summary? Who the hell do I think I am, George Orwell or something? Couldn’t remember if he was an author or the old chancellor of the exchequer but I’ll leave this in anyway. Thank you thank you thank you. It’s been amazing and long may this journey continue!


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