We’ve always toyed with the idea of operating some Oxted Classics car tours but didn’t really know where to start. We obviously love classic cars so thought that may be a good place to start. And that’s it. We don’t really know where to go after that. This is why we’re hopefully bringing in some grown ups to help us. Essentially, because we have no experience in this, we want to work with people that do so that we can learn everything and anything there is to know about this world.

A huge part of what we do here is customer focused. Every single time a customer books with us, whether that’s a wedding car hire or a self-drive hire, we want to ensure that they receive the full five-star Oxted Classics experience (shout-out to our 100+ five-star Google reviews oioi). We don’t want that to change when we launch our new tour packages and so that is why we’re partnering up with the team over at smallcarBIG CITY to help us run them. They’ve been in the tour world for over a decade and have an extensive knowledge base on how to ensure they run smoothly.

We have countless ideas of what we would love to do with a group of classic car enthusiasts and our fleet of classics and we’re hoping that together with the guys at SCBC, we can make these ideas come to life.

Personally, one of my favourite ideas is a classic car and golf tour. As a person who loves driving classic cars and loves playing golf (horrendously), this idea of a tour across the south whilst playing golf is, I think, unbelievably good. Mainly because I’ll be taking one of the tickets.

We have an incredibly close family and our foundation is built on good food, good music and booze. Unfortunately, a classic car tour isn’t at all conducive with alcohol so that one is out the window. However, the other two would make for a perfect focal point to a tour and is definitely one that we would love to create. An entire tour based on celebrating some of the best music and food that our country has to offer whilst being behind the wheel of a Mustang sounds like an absolute dream so please watch this space, there will be news over the coming months.

I spoke to the guys over at SCBC and asked them to stick a few words together for the blog. Rob, their founder, sent me over the below.

Hi all, my name is Robert and I created smallcarBIGCITY out of my love for classic cars, people, history and London. Jack and I are cut from very similar cloth. We both run our businesses extremely customer-focused, with a keen eye for detail. Over the last 12 years, we have taken over 45,000 people around the capital in a fleet of restored Mini Coopers and had the privilege of creating some remarkable backlist experiences. We could not be more excited at the prospect of partnering with Oxted Classic to create some truly memorable road trips across the south of England. Watch this space for a Petrol Head Car Manufacturers Tour, Wine Tasting across Sussex, adventurers in historic Bath and the Cotswolds to name just a handful of the concepts we are in the process of developing. Exciting times ahead.


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