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We are a family run business with a passion for classic cars

All of the incredible cars you see are entirely owned and maintained by us. They are stored in our secure facility which is purpose built to keep the condition of each of the cars at their optimum level. Essentially, we treat the cars better than most of our own family!

Our goal for starting the business was to build a collection of cars that we are hugely proud of, whilst being able to share the experience with other likeminded people. Everybody has a car that reminds them of certain memories, a happy time in their lives or even if they’re itching to get behind the wheel of their ultimate dream car. We’re the people that want to connect the two together.

If you are a petrolhead then make sure you visit our gallery and look at the pictures not just of the cars but the associated documents and memorabilia as well.

For us, this business isn’t necessarily about making tons of cash. We want to ensure that we’re doing our bit to give back to those that give their lives to helping us. For that reason, all NHS staff and members of the armed forces will receive a 10% discount on all bookings upon presentation of their respective ID’s.

What you see on our website isn’t our entire collection. We have a few cars that are currently being worked on in the garage and are being restored to their former glory. Click here to see each of the projects with a bit of information and pictures.

We are always looking to add to our already eclectic mix of cars. If you or anybody you know is looking to sell any of their classic cars, do get in touch. Likewise, all of our cars are available for sale.